Build a Web App for Millions of Users

4595 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4
4595 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 4

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starts on:
Jan 09, 2023, 07:11 PM UTC (UTC)
ends on:
Mar 06, 2023, 07:55 AM UTC (UTC)


Do you have a mobile web app idea you’d like to release to over 35 million users? Build it Pi Network and have the chance at $30,000 in prizes and additional crypto rewards.

On Pi Network, your web app will automatically tap into our user base – you could have over 1 million users by the end of the hackathon with a successful launch. With over 35 million engaged users worldwide, Pi Network provides developers with a unique opportunity to immediately plug in to a massive, active user base while taking advantage of our easy-to-code and energy-light platform.

Your app will also have the chance to be reviewed by the Investors, including silicon valley investors in a judging round

We are a social cryptocurrency and Web3 developer platform; however, unlike other blockchains, Pi’s platform is accessible to every developer. With our simple APIs, zero previous blockchain or crypto experience is necessary– you can work on any ideas that excite you.

We want everyone to be a winner, in addition to our cash prizes, we are offering Pi cryptocurrency rewards to all Hackathon teams who successfully accomplish certain milestones in the Hackathon.

Such milestones range from effortless actions like creating the Pi account and attending our workshops to more complex deliverables such as deploying a fully functional app.


Your project should address a real user need, and be intuitive to use and accessible to everyday people. Additionally, apps should support the use of Pi cryptocurrency, either as an optional feature or as a core functionality.

Pi Network has built the world’s most widely distributed cryptocurrency with over 35 million members across the globe. Our next mission? Expand our app platform to a robust utilities-based ecosystem. That’s where you come in: we challenge you to build a mobile web app that brings true value to the user whether that be entertainment, education, social interaction, access to information, or anything else you can think of. 

Social Media

What if users could send or receive micro-payments as part of this new category of social media you are creating? What if the use of staking can bubble up the best content? What if content creators can be rewarded for great content? You can be the innovator to bring micro-transactions into social media for the first time.

Games/ Entertainment

This is the track for all things entertainment; show us your best games and entertainment apps that will keep our audience engaged in any way you can imagine. Don’t forget to integrate Pi as closely as possible to your ideas.

Consumer utilities

This category is for all apps that provide utilities to our members, or to other businesses. Examples may include loyalty programs for businesses that bring the power of Blockchain to the masses, marketplace apps, education platforms, and more.

Open innovation: your best idea

Show us your best idea – what is the coolest app you can think of?!

Prizes USD 30000 in prizes

Main Prizes
Overall Winner
USD 15000
Runner-Ups (3)
USD 2000
Theme Winners (4)
USD 1000
Special Prizes
Winner of VC Judging
USD 5000
Pi Cryptocurrency Rewards*:

We want every thoughtful participant to be a winner! In addition to our cash prizes, we are offering crypto rewards to all hackathon teams who successfully accomplish certain milestones in the hackathon

Pi Cryptocurrency Rewards: Eligible teams, and their individual members, can earn 100 or more in Pi Cryptocurrency Rewards for achieving the following milestones and accomplishments:

  • Individual Pi Cryptocurrency Rewards:
    • 1.00Pi – Creating a Pi account with a referral code (existing Pioneers have likely already done this)
    • 5.60Pi – Trying out our Demo App code
      • 0.10Pi – Tier 1: Create App on DevPortal
      • 0.50Pi – Tier 2: Run Demo locally on Sandbox
      • 5.00Pi – Tier 3: Deploy Demo App on Servers
    • 1.00Pi – Engaging in ecosystem activities - more information to come in a separate announcement
  • Team Pi Cryptocurrency Rewards: These rewards are only available under the PiOS Track as explained further below, and are meant to reward novel, thoughtful, working and deployed projects regardless of the idea. Thus, the rewards listed below are at the discretion of the Pi Core Team:
    • 20.00Pi – Participating in a mid-point check in
    • 72.40Pi – Deploying a fully functional app on Pi Mainnet using the PiOS license
*Subject to other terms and conditions set forth in the terms of service for this Hackathon

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